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Title: T.V. Exhibition Game
Post by: YOOFALLMAN on May 11, 2020, 10:16:54
Whilst I’m not a huge fan of watching re-runs of previously played golf tournaments especially when I know the result ( although strangely I’ll happily watch films again and’s me...being weird  :picard:) , I’m really looking forward to the  Charity Skins Rory/ DJ versus Rickie/Wofff this coming Sunday. Be quite the thing watching them all with “Sunday bags” as the Septics call them, with no caddies present.
Seminole is a fantastic venue for a Skins game - I was lucky enough to tee it up there
in November ‘18 as a guest of Bob Ford, the Head Professional. I say “guest” but literally it was Bob’s invite to our fourball that served purely as our permission to enter the property.....and whilst there it’s certainly not deemed acceptable, indeed it’s frowned upon,  to pay for anything ( except merchandise in the shop) it certainly was a bit of a drain choker of a day cost-wise , when we received the request for payment a week or so in to the New Year. It’s the most $$$$’s I’ve ever paid for 18 holes, a Caddy and what was a very nice lunch..... :scared: ....hey-ho, as I’ve said before, it’s only money...... :unsure:  Good memories though and I’m looking forward to reliving the holes when it’s aired on Sunday.  :thumbup1:
Title: Re: T.V. Exhibition Game
Post by: ernies_eye on May 11, 2020, 16:57:43
I'll echo those thoughts. I'm looking forward to it as I do think this time the banter will be pretty good.
Course I have always fancied playing but maybe not paying for!