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Thanks Gents - I had come to the same conclusion myself yesterday about 11.1b, but then the Club Chairman said he thought it should be replayed (similar to when you hit a powerline) as it wasn't a permanent piece of course equipment (such as a tee block or marker post) it seemed unfair to be penalised for hitting such a perfect stinger  :lol: :picard:
Whilst there may be a local rule in place allowing relief from either line of site interference or interference with the stroke by a TIO, in all other respects the TIO is treated just like any other artificial object or obstruction.

I would say that Rule 11.1 covers your situation. 11.1b specifically refers to a ball in motion hitting an outside influence (and in the definitions an "outside influence" includes any natural or artificial object...and your TIO is artificial.....its temporary status does not change this...it is just like hitting any other obstruction)

I don’t think you get any help from the rules if you hit a TIO.

It’s a bit like the pros hitting a camera post or grandstand - think McDowell hitting the grandstand behind a green and ending up very close to the hole.

The fact you lost the ball is unfortunate but if it hadn’t been lost you would have played it as it lies.

Nb - this is based on the fact that a TIO is treated the same as an IO
Right then rules experts...

Had a strange one today when playing in the stableford. Was playing the 17th, and caught one a bit low off the face, sending it straight forward but scaring the worms. It then struck the metal upright of the post holding the rope keeping people away from the back of the 16th green, the ball was deflected 90 degrees to the left into the thick rough never to be seen again. I have to say this was a new one to me - never seen it happen or heard of it happening before.
One of the guys I was playing with immediately suggested that as the path of the ball was deflected by a Temporary Immovable (as defined by the committee) Obstruction the shot should be replayed without penalty. I was unsure on the rule so completed the hole with the second ball, as the first was lost, in either 6 if the shot should have been replayed or 8 if it should just have been treated as "ball played as it lies".

There was no consensus in the clubhouse (despite asking lots of experienced golfers and the club chairman) and I couldn't find anything on the rules app. So entered it as an 8.

Asked the Pro this eveing and he reckon's it's play the ball as it lies, so 8 is correct, but I'm still waiting to understand why...
Tour Golf / Re: Ryder Cup 2021
« Last post by 3puttwizard on Sep 28, 2021, 09:57:08 »
Well only Rahm would get in their team on current form and rankings. That says it all. Their team is littered with young hungry players, many who have FedEx, Majors and WGC wins.

Whether or not you believe the ranking system, they are simply way better golfers who have hit form at the right time.
Tour Golf / Re: Ryder Cup 2021
« Last post by Dick in Shorts on Sep 28, 2021, 08:44:02 »
Presumably the OWGR is somewhat skewed towards those playing in US?

More points at events with stronger fields- unfortunately the European Tour doesn’t have as many top events (large prizes attract top players) as the PGA Tour - so any European Tour players can’t have as high a ranking as an equivalent player on PGA tour?

I know lots of Europeans go to US to play but I wonder if this affects tge rankings
Tour Golf / Re: Ryder Cup 2021
« Last post by 3puttwizard on Sep 28, 2021, 07:44:20 »
Well unfortunately the US team play as well as their rankings suggested they would - no implotions and while Stricker came across as a bit of a hapless buffoon - he made less daft decisions than Paddy when it came to pairing picks. Not that I think it would have made any difference, some of our players were seriously out of form, nice to see Rory and Poults turn up on the last day, they were both simply terrible Friday / Saturday.

Victor showed he is a real player for the future, if he can improve his putting 5% I can see he winning a handful of majors.
Rahm was brilliant the first 2 days and just seemed to run out of steam against a great performance from Scheffler.
Sergio surprised me and played well justifying his pick, Bryson was (I hate to say it) unbeatable yesterday - but the lad is never going to play foursomes is he?
As much as I love Lee, Tommy and Hatton, they had no form coming in to the match and struggled.

My biggest worry is I don't see who is coming to come into the team for Italy 2023, the US are so dominant in the World Rankings at the moment, our young players coming through (with the exception of VH) seem to be one or two season wonders, not real stars who will be consistent for the next 5-10 years.

Couldn’t agree more. The world rankings are plastered with their team. It would have been a shock if they hadn’t won at a canter. We are in dire need of some quality coming through. If we don’t, they will walk the next 2.
Tour Golf / Re: Ryder Cup 2021
« Last post by Gareth on Sep 27, 2021, 09:33:18 »
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