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Author Topic: Question about driver spin  (Read 445 times)

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Question about driver spin
« on: Jan 01, 2017, 22:19:47 »
First up, an admission - I need a proper driver fitting and I will be aiming to get one Golf Principles soon.  However I would like an idea about where I am now.  I have a Ping G25 that I like and hit relatively straight but I am sure I have lost distance recently with this club, despite my work out regime.  Perhaps my swing has changed (got better?!?) but when on holiday recently with mates who used to be 10 yards longer than me max they were regularly carrying it 10-15 past me and rolling out further.  When it came to iron play however we were less than a club apart mainly.  My drives with the Ping are straight and do not seem to balloon, and although I used to be a high ball hitter I seem to have got lower recently.  However apart from relative lack of carry I also got no roll out.  The question is do I have too much or too little spin?  I use low launch shaft as I used to be a high ball hitter (Grafalloy Red, Aldila Tour Green,Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki) which I believe are low spin also so I am wondering whether I need higher spin shafts (are there low launch, high spin shafts or is this an oxymoron?).

Due to the issue above I experimented over the holiday by building an TM R11s driver with a regular RIP Phenom shaft which at a range session and one round seemed to go further than the Ping.  Can we say whether this is means the Ping combination spins too little or too much? 

All contributions welcomed!
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