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Jul 06, 2020, 21:36:35

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Author Topic: Sam Putt Lab Analysis  (Read 491 times)

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Sam Putt Lab Analysis
« on: Aug 21, 2019, 12:28:36 »
I recently mentioned in the S'holics thread that i had booked a SAM Putt Lab fitting/analysis session for last night. I'd previously had my stroke analysed on a SAM system back in 2006 so it was interesting to see how my stroke compared to that of yesteryear.

I also hit four different putters as part of the session but more on the direct comparison of the flatsticks later.

A high level summary of my stroke characteristics and how they compare to 2006 (based on my memory...the old report is at home but i'll dig it out later and correct anything I've got wrong see red updates!!)…

1)Aim...my aiming accuracy and consistency is still extremely accurate (94-95%) and repeatable (91-96%) with whatever putter I used. Typically my aim was within 0.3 degrees of the target.

2) I still hit the ball cutting across out to in with a 5 degree out to in swing path. This is countered by a face that typically points slightly open to the target line at impact. The compensation of an open face angle to the swing path results in a ball direction that is within 0.5 degrees left of the target (a 1 degree left ball direction would result in a 12ft straight putt being missed). Now I've seen my 2006 results it seems that this across the path stroke is something that's occurred since then. My 2006 stats show a modest 0.8 degree left swing path with a putter face 1 degree open at impact.

3) I appear to have reduced the amount of loopiness that occurs during the transition from backswing to forwardswing. This may be my memory playing tricks with me but the swing path tracks appear a lot tighter on this set of reports. Nope...my old swing didn't display any loop during the transition from backswing to forward swing!!

4) Here's something new for me....the system reported that I delivered the putter at impact with the toe typically 1 degree down compared to the set-up/address position. I'd never considered that there might be a significant dynamic change in "lie angle" as a result of the putting stroke. As a result, when (if) an order for a new putter actually gets placed, although my STATIC lie angle is quite a flat 67 degrees, any putter that is ordered will be a tad more upright at 68 degrees.

5) Ball impact position is still typically 5mm towards the toe....no change from 2006 there and no doubt significantly due to the out to in swing path. Again memory plays tricks with me...in 2006 I had an impact 5mm closer to the heel

6) I still hit the ball with a slightly descending (0.5-0.7 degrees) blow. This obviously results in a slightly delofted club but the system reports a predicted ball launch of around 1.5 degrees. I cant remember if the previous report generated such a prediction, but i'll have a look when I get home later. 2019 shows a vast improvement from 2006 when I hit with a 3.5 degree descending blow which effectively pushed the ball into the ground

7) I still have a horrendous amount of head rotation through the impact area, so much so that its quite amazing that my face angle at impact is so accurate!! This appears to be the weakest part of my stroke and none of the putters gave me any assistance in this area. This appears to have got worse...in 2006 my rotation rate through impact was 51 degrees per second, now it has increased to around 65 degrees per second.
8) My swing dynamics, rhythm and timing are all pretty good (though there was a difference in how a couple of clubs behaved after impact). The fitter commented that I probably have good distance control which to be fair is true as I spend a fair amount of time on our practice green hitting putts of 15-30ft. Interestingly compared to my 2006 stats, my putting stroke is now a bit shorter in backswing and forward swing time, but I don't hit the ball as hard and the stroke is a lot smoother and more consistent. The curves on the movement dynamics graphs are a lot more consistent with each other...especially in the graph showing stroke acceleration...my old stroke appeared to be wobbling all over the place.

all in all...no real surprises other than the dynamic lie angle. and the end comparison with my 2006 stats!!!

As I mentioned previously, I hit 4 different putters during the session and there were noticeable differences in how some of them behaved, which i'll address in another post on this thread, but for reference the 4 putters were...

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